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Our specialists possess deep knowledge in the field of information technology and are ready to tackle the most complex challenges.

Individualized Approach

We understand that every business is unique. Therefore, we offer solutions that precisely align with your needs.

Reliability and Transparency

iTrade builds relationships on principles of reliability and transparency. We value the trust of our clients and do everything possible to ensure their success.

Cloud Solutions:

Implement cutting-edge cloud technologies to enhance the mobility and flexibility of your business.


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Quick Support

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Managed Stuffs

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Our Services

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Software Development:

Our team of software development experts creates tailor-made solutions to meet the unique needs of your business.

IT Consulting

We provide consulting support to optimize your IT infrastructure, reduce costs, and enhance business process efficiency.

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Jack Wilson

IT Project Management

iTrade ensures the successful execution of projects of any scale, keeping a keen eye on timelines and budgets.


Electronic Keys

A company specializing in electronic keys offers solutions for securing access. Electronic keys may include various technologies such as contactless cards, biometric identifiers, or smart devices, providing efficient and reliable access control to physical and digital resources.

Software Rental

A company providing software rental services allows clients to use necessary software without the need to purchase licenses. This reduces initial costs, ensures access to the latest software versions, and simplifies license management processes.

Software Development

A specialized company involved in custom software development. This encompasses all stages of development, starting from analyzing client needs and designing solutions to programming, testing, and implementing the final product.

Computer Equipment with Software Integration:

A company offering computer hardware with a unique focus on software integration. This may include pre-installing specialized programs, creating customized configurations, or even developing proprietary software solutions optimized to work with the provided hardware.

Telecommunication Equipment:

A company specializing in the supply of telecommunication equipment. This includes routers, switches, modems, and other devices necessary for the efficient transmission of data in a network. In addition to equipment supply, the company may also offer consulting services and network solution support.

Software Development

A company specializing in the creation of software solutions. This encompasses the development of applications, websites, mobile device programs, and other software products. Developers in such a company engage in programming, testing, and providing support for the developed software.

What People Say



Remote assistance

Installation of essential software

Configuration and updates

System maintenance

Email support


24/7 remote and on-site support

Proactive system monitoring

Tailored software solutions

Continuous updates and maintenance

Advanced threat monitoring

Migration to cloud services

Ongoing support for cloud infrastructure

Workshops on software and security best practices


Personalized IT consultation

Priority support and rapid response

Scalable software architecture

Advanced features and customization options

Rigorous security testing

Vulnerability assessment and resolution

End-to-end oversight of IT systems

Proactive optimization for performance

Immediate response to critical issues

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